To learn more about common issues that you might be struggling with, feel free to browse the following links and resources. Please note that I am not responsible for the content of external sites, nor do I necessarily support or endorse the products or services made available by third parties.


Al Anon Family Groups UK & Eire:  Worldwide charity offering support to families.
Alcoholics Anonymous UK
Information about support groups around the country.
Alcohol Concern: Services available to people with alcohol-related problems.
Know Your Limits: Alcohol information from the Public Health Agency.


Anger Management: Information from BUPA.
Anger Management:  Information from BBC Health.
Controlling Anger Before It Controls You:  from the American Psychological Assocation
Dealing With Anger:  Information booklet from Mind.
The Anger Habit:  Self-help information and techniques.


Anxiety: Information from Wikipedia.
Anxiety Disorders:  From the National Institute of Mental Health.
Anxiety, Panic & Phobias:  From BBC Health.
Anxiety UK:  Support for those experiencing anxiety.
Generalised Anxiety Disorder:  Information resource from


Assertiveness – The Art of Saying No:  Courses and resources
Assertiveness and self-confidence
:  how to build, boost and develop assertiveness.
Being Assertive
:  A self-help guide.
How to be assertive
:  A how-to video from
Improving Assertiveness
:  A guide from BUPA.

Bereavement & Loss

Bereavement:  Information from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
Coping with grief and loss:  From
Cruse Bereavement Care:  National charity offering support to those who are bereaved.
Dying Matters:  Encouraging people to talk about their wishes towards the end of life.
The Child Bereavement Charity:  Supporting families when a child dies.

Bisexual Information & Support  A web portal for the bisexual community.
Bi Community News
:  UK Magazine for Bisexual people.
:  Support and web portal for the USA.
I think I’m bisexual
:  Support forum and discussion boards.
I think I might be bisexual, now what do I do?
:  Information for young people.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

BDD Foundation: UK charity dedicated to the relief of suffering from BDD.

Overcoming Body Dysmorphic Disorder: a CBT self-help guide on how it develops, how it is maintained and how to address this problem.

Crisis Support

Samaritans:  24 hour helpline for people in crisis or distress.

Cross Dressing

All about cross-dressing:  Information from Wikipedia.
Blending Genders:  Social aspects of cross-dressing.
Ladylike:  Advice for women who have cross-dressing partners.


All About Depression:  Information and resources from the NHS.
Depression Alliance UK
:  Information and support throughout the UK.
:  Helpling you understand depression.  Provides a very comprehensive explanation of the various approaches and treatments for depression.

Domestic Abuse / Domestic Violence

Broken Rainbow:  National UK helpline for LGBT people.
Domestic Abuse
:  Information and resources.
Men’s Advisory Project (MAP)
:  Support for men experiencing domestic abuse.
Northern Ireland Women’s AID Federation
:  Support in N. Ireland.
Women’s AID
:  Helpline women and children be safe.

Eating Problems / Problems with Food

Beat Eating Disorders:  Information for those having problems with food.
Eating Disorders Association Northern Ireland
:  Counselling and support in N. Ireland.
Eating Disorders Expert
:  Help and advice on all eating disorders.
Something Fishy
:  Articles about eating disorders and treatment options.

 Finance & Debt Problems

sumer Credit Counselling Service:  Helping you to manage your debts.
Debt Problems
:  What to do and where to get help.

Gay Resources

Being Gay Is OK:  Information portal and resources.
Pink Therapy
:  Counselling and training on sexual orientation issues.
Sexual Orientation & Homosexuality
:  Information from the APA.


About HIV:  Information from Wikipedia.
:  Informtion from BUPA.
:  HIV treatment information base.
Terence Higgins Trust
:  Information on HIV and other STIs.
The HIV Support Centre Belfast
:  Helpline service and support groups.


Combating Homelessness in Northern Ireland:  For those facing homelessness.
Homeless Northern Ireland
:  Services that help homeless people.

Lesbian Resources  Resources for lesbian & bisexual women.
Lesbian Advocacy Services Initiative:  Support lesbian & bisexual women in N. Ireland.


How to deal with loneliness:  Advice from WikiHow.
Loneliness and Mental Health
:  Advice from the Mental Health Foundation.
Loneliness Guide
:  From


Overcoming perfectionism

Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders:  General information from Wikipedia.


How to cope with relationship problems


Mind guide to relaxation

Self-Esteem & Confidence

Conquering fear
Conquering a sense of inferiority


Understanding Self-harm
Young People & Self-harm

Sexual Abuse & Rape

Coping with rape and sexual assault
Surviving Sexual Abuse

Sexual Health

Brook:  sexual health information and advice for young people under 25 years.
Sexual Health:  Information from the NHS UK.

Sexual Problems

Female Sexual Problems: from eMedicineHealth.
Sexual Problems in Men:  introductory guide and more weblinks.


WhyQuit:  information and resources for anyone wanting to kick the habit.


Understanding Stress:  from

Substance Misuse & Recovery

Frank:  Support and information on drugs and substance misuse.

Suicide / Thinking About Suicide

Save:  Aims to prevent suicide through public awareness.
If you are thinking about suicide: read this first.